Slow growing breast tumors

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Although breast cancer is often referred to as one disease, there are many different types of breast cancer. Breast cancers differ in other ways. They can be non-invasive or invasive.

metastatic breast cancer stage iv prognosis

There is much that we know and much that we have yet to understand. However, we do know that cancer spreads in three important ways:. Healthy cells are the basic building blocks of all tissue and organs in the body.

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Ask an Expert: Breast cancer growth rate. Ask an Expert: Breast cancer growth rate Q: How long does it take for breast cancer to grow? My doctor just examined my breasts a month ago no lumpsand today I found a lump.

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Breast cancer survival rates and prognosis are determined by so many different factors that it is always difficult to make generalizations. NOTE : this page has been recently updated with the most up-to-date statistics. Prognosis has improved so much because breast cancer treatments have become more effective since this page was first created.

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To help determine your best treatment option, you should gather as much relevant information as you can about your type of breast cancer. Your pathology reportwhich you can get from your physician, is the primary source of this information. The information included in the pathology report is obtained from tests performed on a biopsy or surgical sample taken from your tumor.

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What grade is the breast cancer? What size is the breast cancer? Cancer cells are given a grade according to how different they are to normal breast cells and how quickly they are growing.

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Cancer occurs when changes called mutations take place in genes that regulate cell growth. The mutations let the cells divide and multiply in an uncontrolled way. Breast cancer is cancer that develops in breast cells.

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Autopsy results that demonstrate a much greater number of these lesions compared with the number of invasive carcinomas, and the numbers of deaths from breast carcinoma each year have been cited as evidence that DCIS rarely leads to invasion and death. These analyses have overlooked the fact that, to sustain a rate of detection each year, there would have to be a reservoir of undetected breast carcinomas growing in the population. The authors developed a simple model that makes this clear.

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Breast tissue is found in the breast, upper chest and the armpit. Each breast contains glands called lobes, where milk is produced. These lobes are connected to the nipple by tubes called ducts.

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Lobular breast cancer, also called invasive lobular carcinoma ILCoccurs in the breast lobes or lobules. Lobules are the areas of the breast that produce milk. ILC is the second most common type of breast cancer. ILC affects about 10 percent of people with invasive breast cancer.


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