Packed tower air stripper

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Contaminated water flows down through the packing while air flows upward. VOCs or other contaminants are transferred from the contaminated water stream to the air stream, which then flows out through the top of the tower. Clean water flows out at the bottom of the tower.

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H2K's PCA series packed column air strippers are designed to treat large quantities of VOCs from water in a small footprint, and commonly used in municipal and industrial environments. Air strippers are used for the removal of volatile organic compounds VOCgasoline range organics GRO and chlorinated organic compounds from water. The process involves high air to water contact by forcing air through contaminated process water, groundwater or surface water which allows the volatile contaminants to strip out of the liquid stream.

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Air stripping involves the mass transfer of volatile contaminants from water to air. For ground water remediation, this process is typically conducted in a packed tower or an aeration tank. The typical packed tower air stripper includes a spray nozzle at the top of the tower to distribute contaminated water over the packing in the column, a fan to force air countercurrent to the water flow, and a sump at the bottom of the tower to collect decontaminated water.

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Air stripping is the transferring of volatile components of a liquid into an air stream. It is an environmental engineering technology used for the purification of groundwaters and wastewaters containing volatile compounds. These include BTEX compounds benzenetolueneethylbenzeneand xylene found in gasolineand solvents including trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene.

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Air Stripping. Air stripping is a technology in which volatile organic compounds VOCs are transferred from extracted water to air. Typically, air stripping takes place in a packed tower known as an air stripper or an aeration tank.

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One of the ways to remove volatile organic compounds VOCs from wastewater is to use a pack tower air stripper. The pack tower is a counter-current design where the wastewater is injected at the top of the tower and the air is introduced at the bottom. In the middle of the tower, the packing material agitates the water and strips the contaminants.

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Jump to main content. Search EPA:. Aeration processes are, generally, used in two types of water applications: air stripping - the process in which gas is removed from water, and aeration - the process in which air or oxygen is transferred to water.

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Air stripping involves transfer of contaminants from the water to the air phase. The assumptions in the development of the design equations for packed tower aeration include. The design equations for tower diameter and packing height for an air stripping tower to meet treatment targets are well developed in the literature see for example, Crittenden et al. There are several models available for air stripping design calculations.


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