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The use of torture in Israeli prisons has been the subject of extensive inquiry. Inthe London Sunday Times conducted a five-month investigation. Corroboration was obtained for the evidence adduced.

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Baghdad - Detainees in a secret Baghdad detention facility were hung upside-down, deprived of air, kicked, whipped, beaten, given electric shocks, and sodomized, Human Rights Watch said today. Iraq should thoroughly investigate and prosecute all government and security officials responsible, Human Rights Watch said. They were among about detainees transferred from the secret facility in the old Muthanna airport in West Baghdad to Al Rusafa into a special block of 19 cage-type cells over the past several weeks, after the existence of the secret prison was revealed.

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MARIB: Farouk Baakar was on duty as a medic at Al-Rashid hospital the day a bleeding man was brought into the emergency room with gunshot wounds and signs of torture. The patient, Baakar learned, had been left for dead by the side of a highway after being held captive in a prison run by the Houthi militia. Baakar spent hours removing bullets and repairing ruptured intestine.

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Prisoners have been systematically tortured while in the custody of Afghan security officials, according to a UN report which described abuse including ripping detainees' toenails out and twisting their genitals. Nearly half of prisoners interviewed by Afghanistan's intelligence agency said they had been tortured while a third of those arrested by Afghan police reported abuse. The report, based on interviews with randomly selected prisoners including teenage boys, says torture was systematic at five locations around the country and was designed to obtain confessions, which are often the only form of evidence against a suspect.

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He is a big man, 6ft 3in and 48 years old, and a senior figure in El Rukn, one of Chicago's most notorious gangs. But he now resembles a terrified child. His huge hands clench and unclench, and his jaw works wildly.

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Beirut — Two former detainees and the father of a man who died in detention have provided details of ill-treatment, torture, and death in facilities run by the Iraqi Interior Ministry in the Mosul area, Human Rights Watch said today. Another man from Mosul, arrested in March by local police, died during police interrogation in the Mosul police station, his father said. And a man who was held in the Intelligence and Counter Terrorism prison in Qayyarah said he saw other men returning from interrogations with signs of abuse on their bodies.

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Classical Piano Benefit CD! Print Article Email this Page. The use of torture in Israeli prisons has been the subject of extensive inquiry.

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I was locked into a room with three dogs during the first few days. They ordered the animals to attack me. My leg is covered with scars from their bites. I had a large hole in my knee.


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