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A common worry among women with small breasts is whether or not they will be able to breastfeed. They may even hear from friends or family that because of their breast size, they won't make enough breast milk. That's a mythand it's just not true.

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Many mothers underestimate the power of hand expression when it comes to breastfeeding and pumping. In order to stimulate milk production, you have to have early, frequent colostrum removal. And one of the best ways to move along that colostrum removal is with breast massage.

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Read on to discover the incredible facts about your breast milk supply over the first days, weeks and months. Your baby should be ready to begin feeding from birth. During this phase of breast milk production, your body is waiting for the levels of the pregnancy hormone progesterone to drop which start to fall after you deliver the placentaand milk-producing hormones, including prolactin, insulin and hydrocortisone, to kick into gear.

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We all know that breastfeeding is wonderful! But it can also come with its own set of challenges. However, most breastfeeding issues can be resolved rather quickly and get you back on track to bonding with your baby, providing the best nutrition and on the road to meeting your breastfeeding goals!

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Many women hand express milk to reduce engorgement, [1] prevent let down, and save milk for later use. For some women, hand expression can be a more comfortable alternative to breast pumps. The process can be done anywhere, and without special tools or devices.

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I know breast milk is good and all, but when I became a mom I was kinda shocked at how much it was cited as a cure-all for anything that ailed my newborn. And now that I understand how it works, I kid you not when I say I am staring down at my boobs in wonderment. Breast milk is often hyped as some kind of wonder drug by doctors, midwives, mommyblogs, and even real-life parents including my own.

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Lactation is the process of producing breast milk. For women who are pregnant or recently gave birth, lactation is normal. Hormones signal the mammary glands in your body to start producing milk to feed the baby.

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Unfortunately, it is very common. Read on for a better understanding of why engorgement happens, and how to relieve and prevent symptoms if engorgement happens to you! When milk is first coming in—beginning between two and five days after birth—your body starts producing milk, and your breast tissue can swell as blood, lymphatic fluid, and milk collect in the ducts.

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Whether you're a new mom or a seasoned parenting pro, breastfeeding often comes with its fair share of questions. Here are answers to some common queries that mothers — new and veteran — may have. This is your uterus shrinking back to a smaller size.

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WOMEN around the world have started balancing cups of bubble tea on their boobs. Starting in Japan, the bonkers trend was created when one model shared a video of herself drinking the tea "hands-free" - and now other fans have started embracing the trend, too. The new habit has received so much attention, it's even got its own hashtag, which translates to "hands-free tapioca". Hundreds of women have taken to Instagram to share their own images, with one person even driving while trying to complete the challenge.


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