America 1930s and 1940s asian immigrants

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This Federal policy resulted from concern over the large numbers of Chinese who had come to the United States in response to the need for inexpensive labor, especially for construction of the transcontinental railroad. Competition with American workers and a growing nativism brought pressure for restrictive action, which began with the Act of May 6, 22 Stat. Passed by the 47th Congress, this law suspended immigration of Chinese laborers for ten years; permitted those Chinese in the United States as of November 17,to stay, travel abroad, and return; prohibited the naturalization of Chinese; and created the Section 6 exempt status for teachers, students, merchants, and travelers.

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A look at the long history of Asian Americans and its role in shaping US identity. The essay also looks at the push-pull factors that have helped define demographic trends in the United States to present day and also covers some darker periods of American history, including the Congressional Exclusionary Act restricting immigration based on race and the Japanese American Internment during WWII. Our children should not be placed in any position where their youthful impressions may be affected by association with pupils of the Mongolian race.

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Four Japanese American boy scouts, Seattle, August Starting in the early s, people in America were hit hard by the Depression as stocks continued to dwindle downward, unemployment rose, savings disappeared overnight, and bankruptcy drove children and adults alike out on the streets. Efforts by federal and local government to help those in need provided some relief, but were often not enough to help all the needy masses.

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The biggest recent immigration news is that Asia surpassed Latin America as the main source of immigration to the U. This type of change has happened before. First, legal changes in the Immigration Act of removed the old national origin quotas and allowed in more non-Europeans, including Latin Americans and Asians. Second, the bracero programa temporary annual guest worker permit for low skilled Mexican farm workers, was discontinued on the eve of the Immigration Act of due to labor union pressure.

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A timeline showing forces behind immigration and their impact on the immigrant experience. Click the time period you'd like to explore. Most scientists believe that human beings first came to America over the Bering Straits about 20, years ago.

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Historical Essay. For much of the time that the Chinese have been in America, they have faced discrimination and animosity. However, World War II changed much of that.

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To leave a general comment about our Web site, please click here. I teach in an urban city school system, and my students are predominately African Americans. They are acutely aware of any prejudice that may be aimed their way.

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Asian American History Timeline. Links are included to the text of selected historical documents. To escape imprisonment aboard Spanish galleons they jump ship in New Orleans and flee into the bayous of Louisiana. Chinese miners begin to arrive.

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The Great Depression had important political, economic, and cultural implications for "Asian-American" communities. In the United Statesthe ethnic label Asian American encompasses groups of people with diverse geographical, cultural, and historical backgrounds, and ancestral roots in a number of different countries. The earliest Asian immigrants arrived in the United States from China, with the first massive wave coming in the mid-nineteenth century.

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Jump to navigation. Although in San Francisco's Chinese American population was larger than anywhere else in the country, its Chinese American community was still fairly small and isolated. Bythe U.


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