Breast irradiation therapy

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Access your health information from any device with MyHealth. You can message your clinic, view lab results, schedule an appointment, and pay your bill. Many women choose accelerated partial breast irradiation APBI therapy for breast cancer radiation treatment.

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For many patients with breast cancer, radiation therapy is an important aspect of treatment. Most commonly, radiation is used after surgical removal of breast cancer to kill any remaining cancer cells. Radiation therapy damages DNA and kills cells in a particular area the "field" of radiation.

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Techniques that shorten the course of treatment are under study in clinical trials. The results of these trials will decide whether these therapies become part of standard care. After talking with your health care provider, we encourage you to consider joining a clinical trial.

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Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays or particles to destroy cancer cells. It is often used to treat breast cancer. Your healthcare team will consider your personal needs to plan the type and amount of radiation, and when and how it is given.

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Radiation therapy to the breast can cause some side effects. Some begin during treatment. Others may occur months or even years later.

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Radiation therapy also called radiotherapy uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells. It affects cells only in the part of the body that is treated with the radiation. Breast cancer radiation therapy may be used to destroy any remaining mutated cells that remain in the breast or armpit area after surgery.

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Cancer cells multiply faster than normal cells in the body. Because radiation is most harmful to quickly growing cells, radiation therapy damages cancer cells more than normal cells. This prevents the cancer cells from growing and dividing, and leads to cell death.

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Some women with breast cancer will need radiation, often in addition to other treatments. The need for radiation depends on what type of surgery you had, whether your cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or somewhere else in your body, and in some cases, your age. Tumors that are large or involve the skin might also need radiation. You could have just one type of radiation, or a combination of different types.

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External beam radiation uses high-powered beams of energy to kill cancer cells. Beams of radiation are precisely aimed at the cancer using a machine that moves around your body. Radiation therapy for breast cancer uses high-energy X-rays, protons or other particles to kill cancer cells.

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December 19,by NCI Staff. Two large clinical trials compared whole-breast radiation therapy versus partial-breast radiation therapy in some women with early-stage breast cancer. New results from two clinical trials suggest that either of two types of radiation therapy after breast-conserving surgery for women with early-stage breast cancer can reduce the risk of the cancer returning. In the randomized clinical trials, both whole-breast irradiation WBI and accelerated partial-breast irradiation APBI were associated with low rates of the cancer recurring in the breast where the disease originally developed.


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