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Any walking wounded from a nuclear, biological or chemical incident in the ACT can expect to quickly get very naked and very wet thanks to flat pack decontamination units kept at the Calvary and Canberra hospitals. Calvary Emergency Department co-director and nurse practitioner Matt Luther broke the tent-like structure out of its box on Friday to ensure enough hospital staff are trained in its erection and operation. Co-director of the emergency department at Calvary, Matt Luther, inside the department's decontamination unit.

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A few years ago I discovered a simple truth about patient decontamination in the. We always had trouble staffing the Emergency Department, as the only Trauma Center in my state, critical patients filling every bed in the Emergency Department was common. Add to that the fact that my hospital was the only private psychiatric hospital in the region and you can easily imagine a typical day in the Emergency Department!

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Big deal. Do we really need to conduct a full demonstration to convey this information? The partially-clothed demonstration was counterproductive from the standpoint of safety.

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Four male firefighters have been punished for their behavior during an incident in which two female police officers were stripped for hazardous-material decontamination in an apartment complex parking lot. One firefighter was suspended for six weeks without pay and three others received written reprimands. The incident occurred on April 15 after a methamphetamine drug laboratory was found in Federal Way. The fire district concluded that the firefighters made insensitive comments and did a poor job of maintaining privacy for the officers.

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Updated: November 2, am. Tom Thompson is washed down by medical personnel during an emergency response exercise at Providence St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula on Saturday morning.

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Analyzed the data: HC. The risk of incidents involving mass decontamination in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear release has increased in recent years, due to technological advances, and the willingness of terrorists to use unconventional weapons. Planning for such incidents has focused on the technical issues involved, rather than on psychosocial concerns.

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Want to know what will happen to you if there is a chemical spill or a zombie apocalypse? Read on. We are going to go through the process of a decontamination shower, and answer a survey about it.

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Anthrax or bacillus anthracis is defined by the CDC as a deadly spore forming bacterium and a form of biological warfare and terrorism CDC, After extensive testing of the evidence, it was found that neither the letter, nor the petri dish contained bacillus anthracis. So why if it was finally found that there was never any real threat did several casualties that were thought to have been exposed still suffer from severe trauma without having ever actually been sick from anthrax?

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The possibility of such incidents requires first responders to prepare for such incidents, which can affect individuals or inflict mass casualties. First responders need a rapid and efficient procedure to decontaminate individuals or large numbers of people in a short amount of time. Such a procedure should consider:.

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A standard for any setting where there's a chance of contamination, usually by an alien virus. Also, since decontamination usually means stripping and scrubbing, it also gives a chance for fanservicehumor or both. Hazmat Suits are often involved with it.


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